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A practice dedicated to representing children with special needs.* 
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As parents, we all want to believe that our school district will do what is in the best interest of our children. Unfortunately, particularly in these times of financial cutbacks and deficits, a child with special needs is often overlooked or not provided with an educational program where he or she can make meaningful progress. 

When this occurs parents need assistance to fight through the school district’s bureaucracy and get their child the placement and/ or services that are needed.  It is often necessary to have a knowledgeable professional advocating with you for the needs of your child.

If your child has any of the disabilities listed below and you would like additional information about his or her education, please contact us. 

       Ø Autism

Ø Deaf-blindness

Ø Emotional disturbance

Ø Hearing impairments

Ø Intellectual disability 

Ø Multiple disabilities

Ø Orthopedic impairments

Ø Other health impairments (limitations in strength, vitality, or alertness, including AD/HD)

Ø Specific learning disabilities

Ø Speech/language impairments

Ø Traumatic brain injury

   Ø    Visual impairments   


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